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Found 2 results

  1. pyro and CFL relationship

    Hello, In order to have better collisions in my simulation, I lowered my CFL condition and increased my max substeps (on the solver). Inside my pyro solver, I saw that on the gas substep, the CFL condition was divided by the timescale, I would like to know why? Do you know how exactly the CFL works? Thank you in advance, (I made a basic scene to highlight my question) PYRO__substeps_cfl.hipnc PYRO__substeps_cfl.hipnc
  2. I'm trying to run a pyro sim where it is parented to follow some animation but I don't want the sim to pick up that velocity from the translation/rotation. I want the pyro sim to act as if its simming in place and then I want to apply the motion as an afterthought. In the example, once the pyro container starts moving I don't want the velocity of the emitter/container to influence the simulation. Tried using motion and objectposition dops to negate the effect but nothing. Also didn't have luck playing with options on the resize_container or source_density_from_box Thanks! Any help is appreciated. translated_pyro.hip