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Found 1 result

  1. I am launching Houdini with subprocess: HOUDINI = 'C:/Houdini 18.0.287/bin/houdinifx.exe' subprocess.Popen(HOUDINI) How can I import a Python and run a necessary function after Houdini is launched (import open_asset; open_asset.open())? In Maya I can send MEL command to be executed after Maya starts (and import script with this command): subprocess.Popen('C:/Maya 2019/bin/maya.exe', '-command', "python('execfile(\"path_to_the_script\"')") How can I do something like this in Houdini? The 123.py is not a solution, because I don`t need to run a script each time, only in certain cases, and the scripts are different each time. I need this to open an asset file from Shotgun, for example.