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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! There are few specific objects on a model I was inspired by that I want to recreate in houdini procedrually (see pic). Im stuck at the moment. I need a way to generate a series of primitive groups on a tube procedurally, and then apply the same poly extrude to each group. Seems like a classic case of looping. One group would be primitives 0-23, next would be 24 to 47, etc ,etc. but I dont know how to generate this groups. My thought is using a rule in the partition sop--but how would I set a rule such that it concatenates and generates pieces for every 23 primitives? This value (23) will change by the way, and is dependent on the number of rows in the circle sop I am sweeping along the curve (see pic). This means I would also need this value 23 to be linked via channel to the circle sop within this procedure. Hopefully this isnt confusing. Please see attached. Many thanks! NOTE: As an aside I did find a bizarre way around this--the setup is in the file. I realized that when Houdini does a poly extrusion, the new polys are added onto the geo before the original primitive (structurally speaking). All this means is if you set your group to say primitives 0-22, and perform an extrusion, you can just duplicate this node multiple times and get a series of organized poly extrusions along the length of your object, without changing that 0-22 value. Bizarre, awesome, but still REALLY redundant, which is why id like to set up a loop structure. Thanks again Modeling5_upl.hipnc