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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I got two HOWTO questions: 1) In DA you just specify TAB submenu path and you are ready to go, but I can't find anything similar in HDK when I'm adding operator. I suppose it is somewhere in OP_OperatorTable, but which function does that ? I don't see Tab submenu path function there . 2) In python you can pass use_existing_selection=False to the selector and it will not reuse already selected geometry. I can't find the same functionality in HDK selector. There are probably simple solutions for those two questions. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi. 1. I got group field that can take points/edges/polygons. 2. i got selector that supports points/edges/polygons. I need to limit GroupType menu to only points/edges/polygons, so the user can modify it only between those three if he wishes to change it manually. But if I set menu to only support positions 2-4, than it stops working. If I add all 0-4 positions, it works OK, but those first 2 are not supported and just confuse user. On the other hand if I use Integer parameter instead of menu as Grouptype, and limit it to only 2-4, it works. I tried to update my custom GroupType with callback from original GroupType field, so the original would be working as it should invisible for the user and my custom field would be accessible, but callback doesn't execute if call it in viewport, only when I manually change original GroupType field in newtork view. Anybody got some tip how to solve this? Thanks in avance! EDIT: To expand a little, if I have selector: thisType = hou.sopNodeTypeCategory().nodeTypes()['mantragora::sop::foo'] thisType.addSelector('FooSelector', selector_type='everything', primitive_types=(hou.primType.Polygon, ), prompt='Select points/edges or polygons. Press <ENTER> to accept.', group_parm_name='groupinput0', input_index=0, input_required=True) it requires 5 positions long grouptype menu to work correctly and update what was selected. But I need to force it to work with 3 positions long grouptype menu. And I don't need positions 0-1, which are for Guess/Breakpoints. I need Point/Edges/Primitives, which are 2-4.
  3. WTF, right ?! Yeah, I bet your first reaction for this title was the same as my when I saw this number I found this diamond while browsing HDK examples and I would really, REALLY, like to know how I could ever, EVER, possibly figure it out on my own. Basically, you bind selector to operator and this => "0x000000ff" <= is the 8 argument that you pass to "bindSelector()" method as prim/point mask selection. Q1: Is there anyone that could explain me what it means and where I could find more info about it ?. Q2: Are there any other magic numbers that I should be aware of ? Cheers PS. I found it in this example http://www.sidefx.co..._c-example.html
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