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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys, I try to modify a few items in the OPmenu (the menu triggered when right-clicking on nodes). I want to modify the expressions that enable certain items, for example disabling the Type Properties... for specific nodes. Following the documentation, I came up with the following xml file that is in a directory in the HOUDINIPATH <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <menuDocument> <menu> <modifyItem id="opmenu.properties"> <context> <expression><![CDATA[ # some example python code to evaluate an expression expression = node.type().name() == "custom_nodetype_name" return expression ]]></expression> </context> </modifyItem> </menu> </menuDocument> And Houdini returns an error when firing the menu, telling it cannot find element "opmenu.properties". I tried with other items I've found in the "internal" OPmenu.xml file, and I keep having the same error. Anyone has any hints on this ?
  2. Hey, I am looking for a way to navigate through dropdown menu. Could be very handy for exemple to test different noise. I saw someone on a video who did it, so it seems like there is a shortcut for that but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know it ? Thanks, With love
  3. How to disable "show image" in file browser windows not by right click, and make it by default disable in Houdini, suppose need to write some script like this code is enable autosave. import hou # hou.appendSessionModuleSource('''hou.hscript("autosave on")''') hou.hscript("autosave on") Iam not very skilled writer) need help thx!
  4. Hello, Is there a ch function for drop down list in VEX. I am trying to create a switch case and I am not sure how I can get a drop down menu. Please help. Thanks. S
  5. Hello, I am seeing wierd display bug when I access a submenu in radial menu. Like a wrong cutout mask so the submenu is partially displayed. I am under CentOS 7 with 440.82 NVidia driver Thank you, Tanguy
  6. Hello, i am currently doing a procedural circle data graph, and I am thinking of make it modular, with a int you can control the amount of types, and that will show in the editor for each unit one label, color and total number, but I don't know if that is possible. Any way to do it dynamic, or i needto create a bunch of premade slots to fill. Thanks you for reading.
  7. Hello, I'm happy to share with you the script plugin XPopMenu ! Initially developed on Softimage by Reinhard Claus, XPopMenu is a popup menu that you can associate to a hotkey to get under the hand a quick and easy customizable set of tools. you can layout your menu using simple method like "addItem", "addTitleItem", "addSeparator" and "addSubMenu" If you want you can add icon for each action item (icons collection come from axialis.com with some custom from Reinhard Claus) As concrete example, I've joined two bonus tools : one to get distance and an other to get angle. Quick demo : I Hope you like it ! Cheers XPopMenu.zip
  8. Hey folks, I have a simple subnet that I use to reduce the poly-count of incoming geometry. I have exposed some parameters and added the ordered menu "Level of Detail". I want to be able to use this dropdown menu as a list of presets to fill in the three values into the fields below. I then want to be able to adjust the values via the sliders. I'm sure there is a straightforward solution to this that I do not see. Thanks a bunch for your help, Felix
  9. Hey guys, I am building a tool that needs to work on variations present in an asset package. And there are several different packages with different number of variations in them. this is what I need to do - on the surface level of my subnet, I need tick boxes[toggle] to turn a certain variation in the package on/off. this is what I have - I have wrangle inside the subnet that extracts the names of all the variations. Is it possible to populate the surface level of the subnet with these strings as labels for the toggle ? I am planning to implement the toggle in a subsequent wangle, depending on which toggles are on, I can delete the variation from the current stream. But the catch is the number variations is not same for all incoming packages. How can I populate the parameter interface of the subnet to pick up the variations from the incoming stream?
  10. Hello guys !!! Anybody have similar problems with context menus ? The same problem I have on all version and builds in past. OS - centos 7 GPU - nvidia 1080 Ti, 390.67 driver
  11. Hi everyone, this is my first time writing tools with python, so maybe I got something completely wrong here. I want to built a HDA to setup the houdini scene by selecting project, sequence and shot number. For that I created a HDA with a ordered menu and a drop down listing all available projects. The menu is created by a python function in the python module and then called in the menu script area. I then have another ordered menu to select from all the available sequences based on the selected project. A callback script on the project drop down is triggering the create menu function for the sequence drop down. I then need to know the currently selected project in the project drop down. I tried getting this information with the node eval parm, but this is only kind of working. It returns the right token, but as an integer and multiple times for each menu item causing a long loop. I also tried using the menu parm template, but I cannot access the data correctly. What would be the best way to geht the menu label as a string for the currently selected item in the drop down menu? Thanks Here is some of the code I used: #ProjectMenuDropDown def projectMenu(): import os projectPath = 'H:/' projectList = os.listdir(projectPath) projectMenu=[] for i, item in enumerate(projectList): projectMenu.append(i) projectMenu.append(item) return projectMenu #Call function in menu script hou.pwd().hdaModule().projectMenu() #Callback function to trigger sequence menu in python module hou.phm().sequenceMenu(kwargs) #SequenceMenuDropDown #SequenceMenu def sequenceMenu(kwargs): import os node = kwargs['node'] projSelect = node.parm('project').eval()
  12. Hey magicians, quick question about parameter interface. How can I make a submenu appear when I select something? right now is pretty rough, I made a switch (roof type) and then subfolders, would like to show each sub-folder when the type is selected, any tips? Or even better, in Roof Type have a Dropdown menu with roof names and when you select one, the settings appear, is too complex? Thanks!
  13. Hi! I'm trying to find a way to read a config when a button is pressed, and update the available items in a menu parameter. I've tried a couple of methods, but haven't managed to get anything to work yet. First Attempt: target_menu_items = ["a", "b", "c"] menu_parm = node.parm("menu_parm") template = menu_parm.parmTemplate() template.setMenuItems(target_menu_items) The interface remains unchanged. Reading the docs that is understandable: So I tried what the docs recommended without any luck: ptg = node.parmTemplateGroup() menu_parm = node.parm("menu_parm") template = menu_parm.parmTemplate() template.setMenuItems(target_menu_items) ptg.replace("menu_parm", template) node.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) I had some success by adding a line, but this isn't really a solution. template.setName("bahhumbug") I assume it's failing to replace the template if the name of the replacement template matches that of the existing one. I don't understand why that would be a problem though. I've had a thorough Google and can't find any examples of this... so I'm worried I'm approaching it the wrong way. Can anyone explain where I'm going wrong? Many many thanks in advance, Dan
  14. Hello, just installed 15.5.673 on Centos/MATE and I dont get the desktop icons. Even if i run the python script inside /opt/hfsxx.x.xxx, I get some errors. Anyone else experiencing the same? Thanx
  15. Hi everyone, I have a menu parameter that is filled using a script. The menu looks like this. "token", "Label" "p", "P" "flow", "Flow" In the VEX code I want to get the selected Token of the parameter. int id = chi("attributes"); string name = chs("attributes"); Both of these return the selected item index but not the token or the label. Is there a way to get the token of a menu parameter using VEX? Thx! Christian
  16. Heya, I've created a custom menu tool and added it to the menu using the MainMenuCommon.xml file - is there a way of soft-setting a hotkey to it within the xml, i.e. for multiuser project-based deployment? I'm thinking that adding the HotkeyOverrides file might work but if it's possible to keep it all contained in the single xml file that would be far tidier.
  17. Hi. 1. I got group field that can take points/edges/polygons. 2. i got selector that supports points/edges/polygons. I need to limit GroupType menu to only points/edges/polygons, so the user can modify it only between those three if he wishes to change it manually. But if I set menu to only support positions 2-4, than it stops working. If I add all 0-4 positions, it works OK, but those first 2 are not supported and just confuse user. On the other hand if I use Integer parameter instead of menu as Grouptype, and limit it to only 2-4, it works. I tried to update my custom GroupType with callback from original GroupType field, so the original would be working as it should invisible for the user and my custom field would be accessible, but callback doesn't execute if call it in viewport, only when I manually change original GroupType field in newtork view. Anybody got some tip how to solve this? Thanks in avance! EDIT: To expand a little, if I have selector: thisType = hou.sopNodeTypeCategory().nodeTypes()['mantragora::sop::foo'] thisType.addSelector('FooSelector', selector_type='everything', primitive_types=(hou.primType.Polygon, ), prompt='Select points/edges or polygons. Press <ENTER> to accept.', group_parm_name='groupinput0', input_index=0, input_required=True) it requires 5 positions long grouptype menu to work correctly and update what was selected. But I need to force it to work with 3 positions long grouptype menu. And I don't need positions 0-1, which are for Guess/Breakpoints. I need Point/Edges/Primitives, which are 2-4.
  18. I want to have possibility to list point or primitive attributes in my menu according to type user will pick. Lets say that my operator default state for attribute type is Point attrbute which I got covered by PRM_Template(PRM_STRING, 1, &attributeParm_Name, PRMzeroDefaults, &SOP_Mantragora::pointAttribMenu); and user switched type to Primitive. Should I update the menu with PRM_Template::setChoiceListPtr(&SOP_Mantragora::primAttribMenu) ? If so, where I should do this? Putting it in cook() method didn't worked. EDIT: The same case is for groups. There is SOP_Mantragora::groupMenu But it lists all group types at once. And I want to have listed only those specified by user and switch between SOP_Mantragora::pointGroupMenu and SOP_Mantragora::primGroupMenu Thanks
  19. Hello, I created few custom shelf tools for learning purposes and added them in tab menu of various contexts. I have deleted most of them from the shelf but all of them still exists in the tab menu. How can I remove them? Also how can I remove the tab menu itself or rename it? Thanks
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