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Found 2 results

  1. Smoke Trail Box Collapses

    Hi, I have used the smoke trail shelf tool for a moving sphere to generate smoke and then modified the pyro source node to make it like a fire ball. But when my sphere passes from one smoke box to another, some boxes just collapse to the grid center. On viewing in two-dimensional plane I saw that the box which collapse on the center of grid are unable to read any values like temperature, density, etc. So, what do I do? I am attaching the file for review, please someone help. P.S. In "Gas Resize Fluid Dynamics" node, if I change the value of delay frames to 2 and put and "Temperature" in the extra resize field, it works fine, but is it the solution or I am doing something wrong, Please Help. pyroTrail.001.hip
  2. Aligning Cluster Containers

    I have a long thin winding smoke trail and I am using smoke clustering to create fluid containers on the fly as the sim progresses. Two questions: 1.) Is there any way to kill the fluid containers that no longer have any density in them once the trail has passed by. 2.) Is there a way to align each fluid container to the orientation of the cluster point that it came from? (so that if the trail is moving diagonally across two axes, it is not aligned to the world coordinated, but is instead aligned along the direction of travel). Thanks very much everyone!