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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I have a basic sequence of grids intersected with object. I use Smooth node in order to smooth it))) and I like how it functions at the bottom but its too smooth at the top. I want slowly affect the model with smooth node so that it has fool affect at the bottom and low affect at the top. Its not a problem to create attribute that fads away closer to top... The problem is how to use the attribute. When I insert "@scaler" in "strength" param of smooth node it gives me "no local variable found". Help Thanks
  2. hey guys i'm back with more questions. so i did some googling, checked out some scenes and read a few threads and i think i have an idea of how to control the glue strength in my network... so i've applied colour.. used it to fracture the object and now i want that to control glue strength. i want to get it so the red areas break easily and the black is much harder to break - but i've been fiddling with numerous ways to do it and i cant seem to get it working in my scene (attached) i have applied colour which breaks it in the red areas and i'm using that in an attribute create to try and multiply glue strength. But its like it has no effect. 1.20am over here in uk so i may have it all wrong or missed something - can anyone take a quick look and see what clanger i've dropped please? thanks! ant glass_ball.hip