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Found 1 result

  1. Hello folks! I'm trying to do some collision geo decomposition using Voronoi fracture (second cut) to generate a Bullet decomposition mesh but unfortunately, Houdini became no response to the infinity. The ram shows I got plenty of space left and the CPU usage turns down from 50% to 8%. Here are the steps: 1. I use a Voronoi fracture to frac hero pieces (a thousand pieces, some of them are not fit into convex hull shape) 2. I fracture them per piece with another Voronoi to decompose a geometry 3. Single-pass preview is fine for me but then when I do it for all then Houdini froze half way round and to clue what does it cause. Here is the network: (I've try both single For-each loop or Compile-For-each loop combo, both fail at the middle) For-each loop stop (Houdini freeze after processing no.199 piece) and I still got plenty ram and computational power Here's the file to help diagnostic. Thanks a lot! VF Problem_HIP.7z VF Problem_HIP.7z