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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Have gone thru both tutorials listed at the end of this post but am confused by one thing. Is the Wedge ROP strictly for rendering geometry (ie vdb's or bgeo files) or can it also be used to render images as well? I thought it could be used as sort of a batch Flipbook renderer. But in these examples you need to define a SOP path which points to either a specific piece of geometry or vdb. https://archive.sidefx.com/images/stories/tutorials/wedge_ROP/wedge.mov
  2. I may be doing something really stupid here, but I can't seem to understand why. The problem : When I use the Wedge rop, I think I am over rendering, as in rendering the same data multiple times. I've created an example with some simple captures : Its a simple geometry rop which moves the geo around. The Wedge rop changes a transform x paramter When rendering a two frames sequence. IN THE Course of writing this post, I solved the problem. If you look at the attached hip file, the problem should still be there. If you unplug the geometry rop from the wedge rop and specify the output driver instead the problem doesn't happen. seems to repeat the operation multiple times when doing the nodes are plugged into each other. Cheers, test_wedge.hip