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Shift Range (vex node)


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I'm doing some zbrush displacement research inside of houdini, and I'm trying to match it specifically to my maxwell & mental ray renders. I'm trying to set the alpha offset and gain, as the zbrush 16bit displacement map requires. This guy seems to have done a nice enough job, but I was wondering what that node is called in H10? Couldn't find any "Shift Range". Closest I got was "Fit Range", but that one seems to clamp stuff, and I wouldn't want that.

On another related note, how would you go about making sure that the displacements from Mantra and Mental Ray matched up? Planning on doing seperate passes, some in MR and some in Mantra, so precision is very important.
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I believe you might be right. I misread the help, saying that it only clamps the input values if below/above the specified values.

Have a look at my setup:


I'm unsure of peoples levels here, and I'm just getting started myself, so my apologies if things get a bit obvious.

This is the default "Basic Displacement" material with an addition of the "Fit Range". I'm unsure of where I would put this if not there, right after it has read in the texture through the switch there, I'm using the red channel, and before the "halve1" whose purpose is to set the displacement range to -1,0 or 0,1 or -1,1. Since my map is 16-bit, I'm using 0,1. Gray being No displacement.

When fitrange is set to 1D src Min:0, 1D src Max:1 the displacement gets clamped, as if the texture read had a range lower than 0, which makes my head spin. Setting the 1D src Min:1 doesn't make it clamp. I'd just like to understand how the network works, since I'm trying to match it up with mental ray's way of working.

You can ignore the Add at the end, it's another displace I'm experimenting with and is not active.

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