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Pyro Upres turbulence


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Little confused about the up-res fluid turbulence, especially after looking at the render from SideFX. Does the up-res pyro solver bake the the fine turbulence into the density, or is this still all done in the shader? We've cranked our fluid sims up to resolutions of 300-500 and still not getting details like the render on their site.

Does anyone know if the scene file is posted somewhere from this render?? Thanks!

SideFX Fluids

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Check your turb scale peak turbulence. I find the default 20 too low most of the time. You can visualize your turb field under the visualizations on the gas up res node.

As well, check your Noise Settings on the upres solver. Here, 1 unit of Turbulence = 1 doubling of the voxel resolution with the turb noise. So if your lo res is 100, and your up res is 400, then your Turbulence would be 4....

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