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compiling DSO's with Gcc


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I was going through the HDK documentation and its state's you need the sgi c++ compiler in order to compile any DSO's and or standalone applications for houdini. Is there any options in Gcc I could turn on to compile the samples, and any subsequent dso I will eventually be writting ? and do I have to set the Hcustom environment variable ? how do I go about doin that ?. if someone could steer me in the right direction that would be greatly apreciated.

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As far as doing VEX DSOs the only way without the HDK is with Linux. Becareful with the newer gccs (3.x) as the name mangling has changed. I tried both gcc 2.96 and 2.95.3 and both worked.

Note, this only works with VEX DSOs, all other types have to go through the HDK.


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