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A suggestion for the toon rig character

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As Im working with the toon character coming with Houdini, I figure that a very welcome - and pretty simple to implement - functionality, will be to add a "flip pose" button, like the "match FK to IK" buttons. It is pretty cumbersome

to copy the values from one hand or leg to the other, one after another. So a "flip legs", "flip arms", "match right arm to left arm" etc., will be a welcome addition to this character.

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Something like this, for example:

def flipParms(p1, p2):

p1 =

p2 =

v1 = [i.eval() for i in p1]

v2 = [i.eval() for i in p2]

for i in zip(p1, v2):


for i in zip(p2, v1):


def flipPose(t):

flipParms("right_leg_ctrl", "left_leg_ctrl")

flipParms("right_arm_ctrl", "left_arm_ctrl")

flipParms("right_hand_ctrl", "left_hand_ctrl")

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