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custom SOP on Ubuntu 64 bit

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hi all..

I'm building the SOP_Star example on Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit using the makefile approach as specified at http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk10.0/hdk_intro_compiling.html . The first problem i ran into was the -lXi link option specified in Makefile.linux. Pending resolution i removed the option and the SOP_Star.so appeared to build regardless (the hcustom utility also has this problem).. hopefully this didn't break anything. I'm using gcc 4.4.1 and the houdini distribution is houdini-10.0.554-linux_x86_64_gcc4.3 . I've placed the files as follows:

SOP_Star.so => $HFS/dsolib

hdk_star.txt => $HFS/houdini/help

SOP_hdk_star.png => $HFS/houdini/config/Icons

then converted the .png to a .pic using ImageMagick (since everything else in the directory uses pic.. necessary?).

After all of this, i fired up Houdini, created a Sphere, navigated down to the geometry level, and tried to access the Star SOP from the tab menu but it wasn't there. Is there some way i can troubleshoot this? I have managed to get it working on Windows 7.


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As noted on that page and on this page, the location to put your .so file is into the dso subdirectory, not dsolib.

The .pic extension used in Houdini is for its proprietary image format. Your converted file from ImageMagick is not the correct format. Using .png should be fine I think (check the link above).

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