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point velocity collision


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Hi all,

I've an animated object that collides with a bunch of rocks. I use point collision in conjuction with a trail sop to

transfer the velocity to the rocks. The problem is that the collided rocks fly away with too much violence; what

I'm trying to achieve it's that the rocks should only slide and gracefully fall away.. I've tried decreasing the

velocity parameter on the trail sop, but in this way the rocks just pass through the colliding object. Also I've tried

play with mass,drag,gravity but it doesn't look natural.. Basically I'm looking in a way to control the collision similar

to that of the POP collision, with control over tagent/normal speed and behavoiours (like sliding,sticking..).

Also even if the internal glue of the rock is set to -1 (never separate) the rocks instantly separates as soon as

the collision happens.. I think is there something wrong with the geometry of the collision obj, since if I use a simple

animated obj colliding with the rocks the glue acts properly..

Any suggestion will be appreciated!!


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Take a look in your RBD object on the rotation stiffness and bounce. Adding some rotation stiffness to the objects helps quite a bit with this kind of stuff with rocks, I'd also suggest bringing up your DOP substeps to at least 2, this helped a lot when doing a similar effect, though my velocity was being set in DOPs using the directional and angular velocity settings in it.

And the friction, the bounce and friction on your RBD objects and collision object react and work with each other.

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