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need me sort POP


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Hi I need similar kind of sort SOP in POP.

I work with follow-POP and I want to attract the particles of a particle from one particle to another. But I have a problem with the movement, because the particles are attracted to a colleague with the same number. I must have control of the numbering of the particles.

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you can not sort the particles inside pops.

Generally the way it works is you have two groups, a follower group and a leader group.

These are potentially two streams of particles that are collected together.

Say you have 100 followers and 10 leaders, you will need to assign a FOLLOW value in your property pop of (100 + (($ID%10)+1)), the id values are offset when you collect (first collect the followers, then the leaders).

Have a look at the file, it uses color to scale up and down the follow versus

the noise force.


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