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Capture Geom tool only works with bones?

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According to tool description, "This tool is used to bind a character’s skin to its bones or muscles". But, I'd like to use it with rigid sim to deform my hires geom. The rigid geom could be thought of as the bones. Any tricks to get this skin tool to work without bones? If not, how can I access the capture code and modify it to get this to work?

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you can use Capture Region SOP to define capture region as in bone object

so you can for example copy many capture regions to particles points from DOP objects and plug result to second input of Capture SOP

then set Capture Frame to whatever frame you want it to capture the hi res geo

append Deform SOP and you're done

however if you are simulating low-res rigid objects and you want to animate hi-res rigid objects with them, just use DOP import to transform hi-res geometry groups

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