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Mantra problems... Please help!?

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Been hopping around these forums for years, fairly competent with Houdini but today I've come across a problem which has baffled me and wondered if anyone could help?

I have Houdini HD 10.0.295 installed on a Macbook, runs perfectly fine, all licenses paid for and uptodate, never had a problem with it before and been using it for a year, rendering HD res images. Came to render a frame today, set up cameras and mantra nodes, hit render - the render progress window appears sometimes, but not all, and when it does it hangs - for over an hour sometimes with nothing actually happening. It doesn't matter what resolution I set for rendering, which camera I use and I've tried most settings.

I've been watching the activity monitor (task manager) which shows Mantra is running when I hit render, which it is, even when the render progress window doesn't pop up. So, I just leave it running and nothing ever comes of it. I have also had "Exit Code 3" errors, which I know are licensing problems but I have all the licenses installed :(

I have just noticed something - when I hit render, I went into license manager and checked whether the Licenses were in use and who was using them - The Houdini licenses were in use, by me, as usual, but, even though mantra was running, it said no-one was using the Render license :S

Any ideas? I'm stumped and so frustrated!


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We have a same problem in some machine. 10.0.409 pc. Mantra rendering first frame to the infinity and beyond:)I have to rendering previews frame by frame. Which is kill my "waiting my preview" free time.



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