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Houdini cam to Maya

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Hi everyone,

I got a problem with importing houdini camera to maya.

I tried both fbx and chan file to transfer the camera but rendered images in maya and houdini are never matched.

I also tried a camera transfer tool in houdini exchange called my_tools but I couldn't.

Focal length and aperture value looks correct in both cameras...

Did anybody have same problem before?

I attached camera information in houdini and maya(with fbx file).




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what if you set Screen Window Size parameter in houdini to [1,1]?

it's basically something like crop, not sure if that gets transfered

or if you are happy with the way it looks in houdini, then in maya you can set Pre Scale (or Post scale) on your camera to 1.24059 (1/0.80607)

is it only lens that gives you mismatch or camera motion too?

then it would be helpful to see your hip file just with (animated) camera and maybe your resulting ma file

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Hi Tomas,

Thank you for your advise.

You are right! I didn't notice that my screen window size was changed.

I changed camera scale in maya with the same value of the screen window size, then every things lined up perfectly:)

I guess fbx doesn't export the attribute.

Thanks a lot.

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