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Houdini Course at SVA this summer

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Hey New Yorkers, I am teaching a Houdini course at SVA this summer. Class starts June 7th so sign up soon! The course description on SVA's page is a few years old, so disregard that. This is the new one...

"This course gives an introduction to the Houdini Interface, Procedural Modeling, Particles and Dynamics. We will also cover some of Houdini's expression functions in order to give creative control to produce powerful visual effects and models.

Projects that will be covered include creating procedural landscapes, explosive particle effects, and a basic crowd/flocking simulation to name a few. I will be teaching concepts and techniques which have been used in commercial and film production. At the end of the course, the student should be comfortable with Houdini's Procedural workflow, Particles, Rigid Body Dynamics, and using Houdini expression functions to get the most out of this impressive software package.

Spencer Lueders has been a Technical Director at Framestore NY for 4.5 years working on films Clash Of The Titans and Salt, as well as commercial projects such as LG, FedEx, Bridgestone Tires, GE, Hoover, Geico, Pepsi and Coke to name a few. Prior to that he worked at Side Effects Software."


Let me know if you have any questions.


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