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Python SOP and L-system


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I am trying to generate rules for Lsystems via Python SOP. I created my script, it works fine as a standalone app , it does create what I want. Now I want to integrate into L-System Sop. I figure that I can create a Python SOP and write over the Lsystem rules channel. But I am slowly getting into Python for Houdini. Could someone give me a basic lead on this one?

I know I can create a rules text file via Python and let Lsystem to read it, which is a solution but at this point I want some automation


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Thanks for the files. This is quite close to what I was looking for. I originally want to modify the lsystem node without specifing a node path. I am trying to modify an lsystem node that is connected to a python sop. So the Python sop modifies channels of a node that is connected to itself directly.

Thanks for the files again, they have helped me to figure out couple things.

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