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noise function problems

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I created a shader in houdini vops mode, mixing a default marble shader and a default mold shader as I had to texture a cg statue. I animated a cg camera which zooms toward the statue in order to have a close up of the face. As the camera moves in ,the noise of my shaders flickers.

I have already a rest position node in my network, infact my shader is still, but i have this prolem with the noise function...

Does anybody can help me to solve this problem, please?

thank you,


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I had a similar problem when discovering houdini. The problem you have is that the noise is mving with your camera. Actually, here, your noise needs to know the P variable. By default the noise will take the necessary global variable, but it will be expressed in the camera space ( in houdini, world space is the camera space ), so you have to convert it to object space with a space change VOP.

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Time to dig out an old post,

I'm having a similar problem, I have an object with a noise displacement on it and as my camera moves the noise is moving with it. The object is also being scaled up as the camera moves - I don't know if that adds to the complexity. But basically I have a moving camera and a scaling object. How do I go about solving this problem, I couldn't find a space change vop inside my shader as mentioned in this post.


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