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Hi. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.

When rendering a Pyro sim with Mantra the render window shows a nice shadow. When I save that image as a file or render out a sequence the shadow is gone? This is the same for depth map and ray trace.

Am i missing something here, I've tried playing with all the settings but still fail garner to correct look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it must just be a check box somewhere, surely?



RenderWithin - as it appears within Houdini

RenderWithout - as it appears when an exr file is saved and imported into phototshop and a black background added

LightSettings - my shadow settings




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By messing around with the levels in Photoshop I managed to get something similar to the original (though missing a lot of colour range I fear), but I am only using Photoshop as an example for help. I am using Nuke to composite my scene and have the same problem.

No matter what image format I export it as, the problem persists.


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Photoshop is assuming that your floating point image is linear and displaying it with a gamma (2.2-ish). Houdini on the other hand, doesn't make the same assumptions and is displaying it without color correction. To see it the same way in Houdini as Photoshop, try putting in a 2.2 gamma in the Houdini color settings.

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