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Pixar Canada in Vancouver is hiring VFX TDs

Leo Chan

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Come join our family at Pixar Canada!


Visual Effects TDs

About Pixar Canada

Pixar Canada is looking for two Visual Effects TDs for its new studio in Vancouver. Pixar Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pixar Animation Studios, the world leader in animated films. The Vancouver studio will produce short-form animation focusing on legacy Pixar characters from films such as Toy Story and Cars. This is an opportunity to be part of a new, diverse and talented team producing world-class digital character animation.

Summary of Position

In Pixar’s production process, the term “TD” means “Technical Artist”. The Visual Effects TD works with other crew members to create visual effects in an animated film. Visual effects work often includes aspects of modeling, simulation and animation, shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing for the visual effects elements of a shot.

General Duties and Responsibilities

The Visual Effects TD is responsible for creation, revision, maintenance and support of the effects elements in a shot, responding to guidance and review notes from the director as well as creative and technical supervisors. Visual Effects TDs work closely with other departments, especially with Lighting and Rendering, to make sure that the effects integrate properly with other elements. TDs use reference footage of real world phenomena or film-library reference to guide their development of a particular effect.

Visual effects work often includes simulation of dynamics and natural phenomena, as well as animation of effects elements, by hand or using procedural techniques. At Pixar, simulation is done using a variety of tools including proprietary in-house software, Maya, Houdini, etc. The Visual Effects artist must be flexible and adaptable, with a wide range of skills from scripting or programming to a good eye and a good sense of weight and timing.

Background and Qualifications

Must have 3 or more years experience in CG visual effects production for animation, live-action film, or television.

Must have a good “eye” and a good understanding of light, color, illumination and shading. Must have a good sense of weight and timing, to judge whether motion appears natural and convincing.

Must have a good working knowledge of Maya or Houdini, and a compositing program such as Shake or Nuke.

Must have an excellent understanding of 3D computer graphics theory and practice.

Must have good programming and scripting skills in languages such as C/C++, Python, or Perl, preferably in a Linux/Unix environment.

Must have strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail and quality.

Must have good written and verbal communication skills, and be able to communicate clearly and effectively with both technical and non-technical users of the software.

Must be able to work alone and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under deadline pressure.

Must be open to direction and able to embrace change.

In addition to these required qualifications, any of the following attributes will be considered a plus:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, or engineering.

Skill in painting, photography, drawing, and sketching.

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