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pyroclastic flow


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Hello! There was a need to do something similar

but Houdini. How to solve the problem, how many have the time and how realistic do such things? Need to make the most equally, for detail and dynamics.

Thank you very much

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Just an idea:

Craete a terrain, a particle sim that flows along the terrain the way you want, mesh the particles with the liquid particle mesher, cache the result.

Then load the cached files, and make them emit smoke (probably you want to start by using the shelf tool billowy smoke for pyro fx), add some emission noise, vortex confinement, do some tries, and emit lots of smoke. Upres at will.

Serve and have a good lunch! :P

EDIT: Something you'd want to try is lowering the sim time, from 1 to say 0.8 or even less. This can help having a sim looking more big in scale.

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Thanks Akabane! I got the source surface using Fluid solver. Now tune Pyro solver, there is a problem in the front, he did not like you need it, is eroded and is spreading, I can not understand how to configure the behavior of the front :(

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I imagine that can be done in several ways.

compared to others I am very novice.

first you take the time and distance. Use a timer. a clock. And you do not think about you but you must think about the viewer (what matters).

I am of the idea that the first instance you should try basic particle system taking in mind the time and space of what was previously said and then once real customers satisfaction then continue to the next level. (Just as we do when playing, just as cities grow)

# p/u/53/uwFi6qJS6gk http://www.youtube.com/user/Khermah

This tutorial is part of what you need,spreading...through some transformation and modifications you can make it.

http://vimeo.com/6660287 ( and this tu)


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