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How to trace HDK's code in Visual Studio

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Dear all:

I can trace HDK's code with GDB in Ubuntu, but I don't know how to trace it by Visual Studio in WindowsXP.

I had set the "Additional Include Directories" and "Additional Library Directories" of project's properties of Visual Studio.

But I can't build it successful...@@

I also had fellow this page's steps(http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk10.0/hdk_intro_compiling.html) and compile out a "SOP_Star.dll" in debug mode.

But I also don't know how to trace "SOP_Star.C" when Houdini using SOP_Star.dll.

Could anyone tell me how to trace "SOP_Star.C" in Visual Studio when Houdini is using "SOP_Star.dll" and Houdini is NOT crash. And Build HDK in Visual Studio successful.

Thanks, Best Regards,

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Here's one possible (untested workflow):

- Make sure you're using Visual Studio 2005

- If you're using a 64-bit Houdini build, make sure you you have the 64-bit compiler installed. Type "%MSVCDir%\bin\amd64\cl" at the command prompt.

- Edit code in GVim

- Compile with "hcustom -g <FULL_PATH>/SOP_MyNode.C"

- Run Houdini

- Attach to Houdini process with the Visual Studio 2005

- Open SOP_MyNode.C and put a breakpoint in cookMySop()

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