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I decided to join to this challenge. Basicaly, I dont really like this stile of SCI-FI art but I want to joint. I fount this beautiful submarine so, Its done (:

Main Goals:

SuperB model, Procedural and detailed as I can. Details no far than 5m from camera. The same for textures.

Procedural enwironment with some cool displacement shaders, lot of coral stiles.

Some particle systems, mainly for schooling fishes with leader and procedural animation of each fish.

Render realistic as I can. A lot attention specialy for lighting and underwater atmosphere.

Create One or more animation. Time show how I could manage complex scene and how my i7 quad will work (: After finishing project render second camera for stereo version.

Except Photoshop, no 3th party program allowed. All post will be done in houdini.

There is some reference pictures:

Main Hero (:



some atmosphere images for lighting which i would like integrate:


So thats it, looks like a lot of work (:

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So start with model

Just 2 days modeling a couple of hours after work.

Side view:


Some details testing (little branch line from boring basic shaping of submarine, just for fun and some GI testing):


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Ok ok

little bit work on NAUTILUS. I thing Ill have very nice dreams about rivets tonight :blink: Couple of hours and ship will be good :ph34r:




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There is no details, only rivets so far. 80% of detailed stuff waiting for my free time (:

Guys, please I need help with fog. What I would use? which kind of process do you recomend me. Z depth and All in post (I try houdini fog but dont like it to much) or some procedural shader, volume light? Im not familiar with this stuff in houdini an I can find only basic thing about mantra fog shaders but have no idea how to use it ): What do you thing? I thing use Zdepth and all do in post, but Im not sure if it could look better than true 3d fog, fast rendered with some cool noise shader. Speed and Quality + little 3d noise, this is main tasks. What do you thing? I thing that Ill separate renders into 3 parts. First front, Hi poly Hi displaced corals and other detailed moving sea stuff, second Boat, third background only bump and main shapes,sea fog will almost destroy all details in that area. So I need it composite somehow, so Zdept is my friend there, but Im not composer so..... Thanks a lot for replys B.C.

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Blackchicken, you have a nice Nautilus here. Keep up the good work. Btw, my nickname in Bandaciu, not Bandacu. So once again, is BANDACIU, all right? (no, just kidding, man)

About that fog that you ask me... I'm no Houdini rendering expert by no means but here is what I did: I slapped an Atmosphere object in the scene, then, in shop, I created some materials. I tried Uniform Fog and Lit Fog. Then I assigned one of them to my Atmosphere object an tested. Uniform fog is a kind of ZDepth effect (renders very quickly). Lit fog is using raymarching and renders very slow. I'm struggling to understand this either. I think (to be safe) that you need a camera and a light in the scene, too. This is all I can tell you right now.

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Thats amazing!

Can I give to you a little advise? - don't use too "perfect" alignment and forms.

I mean: now you have perfect lines of rivets, but they usualy placed like that:


The metal sheets can have a little bit different sizes to...

Good luck! :)

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Thanks for tip Zanozza

but I want to catch my reference Nautilus which has two lines same. Not cik -cak (: and grouping chould be much harder for me :ph34r: size is same but I added of course little point jitter for rivets and one slight point jitter for my group of points on which is rivets copied. Not too much because I need loks like really big scale of submarine as I can, much deformation is bad. If you look at the side line you can see that there is little difference. Good luck in competition. Great tools :blink:

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I was ill couple of days so Ill test some environment, just basic shapes and uniform fog, thanks a lot Bandacu. Hihi Im just kidding, thanks Bandaciu :lol: That could be one of the first shot from nautilus. I thing that one bigger or little gang of young hammered sharks could swim around hehe. Or I would love to model some prehistoric monster, like tylosaurus, just to go closer older age and deep sea. What do you thing? So there is some renders and references. Thanks a lot. B.C.

some test of coral reef, just basic shapes, more coral types an schooling fishes will come.Some bigger monster could be cool here hehe

post-4005-129124960825_thumb.jpg post-4005-129124961676_thumb.jpg

some references:

my favourite Tylosaurus:


or hammered shark


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