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Z-Depth and Normals Volumetrics

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Hey was wondering if any one has generated comper happy Z-depth and normal maps with volumetrics?

I saw this thread and wasn't having much luck

Other Thread

I used a convert volume to give me geo and I can pass this off for normals, but was looking for an alternative means in which I can render my volumetrics directly probably going the shade route like above. I'm having the same problem as it would be with sprites where the whole voxel gets rendered like a sprite.

**For normals in your shader lay down a Global N, normalize it, MultAddConst Signature to 3D Color Values Mult to .5 Add to .5, then premult with Alpha and export with a parameter. Still Trying to get Z-depth to work, something seems bugy which has been reported.

***Cops Composting Method

Finding out you need to create your own custom software to get this to work. Deep Cameras come out of mantra, renderman, and I think I saw something from mental ray, but they are not supported by compositing packages standardly

Deep Compositing

Other useful info

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