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Convert objetcs to particles


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I have a small question. In max there is a way to take a bunch of objects and convert them to particles. You can do it via a script or through the Particle flow toolbox 2 plugin. I believe thinking particles also does this.

The general idea is to create a particle at the centre of every object and then assign that piece of geometry to that particle. So i can use something like voronoi fracture script and then convert the individual pieces to particles.

How is this possible in Houdini. I am sure it can be done, but sadly I am not into scripting. Even in max I had downloaded the script, nowadays I just use PFLOW toolbox 2 ( it has a ready made node to exactly what i explained). I understand the concept but I lack the knowledge to actually write the script. Or if it's possible only through nodes.

Any help will be most appreciated.

with regards

Rohan Dalvi

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I can't fully understand what are you trying to achieve.

If you want to convert your object to particles, you have a bunch of options, I'll post one here:

Take your input geometry

IsoOffset it, mode to "Fog" and up the sampling so the volume catches all the details you need.

Append a Scatter node with the number of particles you want your geometry composed of.

Append a Popnetwork, pipe in the first input the scatter node, dive inside, create a source pop, and put inside the number of particles birth "$NPT", and use impulse birthing only on the first frame.

Then you can use all your POPs to drive the particles.


If instead you want to assign a geo to a particle, you can do it throu a copySOP.

Create your particle system and do all the pop goodness

After that, pipe the popnet in the second input of a copysop, and your input geometry in the first input.

This way you'll have a copy of the input geometry at the center of each particle, and you can decide to scale it, move it etc...based on the particle properties.


If that's not what you asked for, sorry, I didn't understand your question :P

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thanks for the prompt reply. But thats not what i want.

Let me make it simpler. Lets say you have a box. with 10 segs in x,y&z axis. I use it as a Particle source. Then in POPS i emit particles from the centre of each primitve using the SOURCE POP. and i keep the particle count the same as the primitive count. So basically i have a particle at the centre of every primitive. Now I apply it wind.

Now come back to SOP level. I apply FACET SOP to the Box and use unique points to separate the box into individual primitives. Now I want these primitives to move based on the movement of the particles.

So to expand this problem, we can use any geometry, even a human head or a car. emit particles form the primitive centres and then attach the individual faces to move with the partcile that is born at the centre. So effectives you can have a car blown away like particles.

I hopr that explains it better

How can I do this.

with regards

Rohan Dalvi

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Oh I just saw Emanuele's links there. That method is better than the one I posted. It is very similar but I used an expression instead and get a weird scaling effect (I don't understand why).

Oh well, it was a late night idea. Never trust those.

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