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Any realistic Tutorial for the VFX Pipeline out there

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I'm sorry but I've been laughing all through the thread and just have to get clarification on something. :)

Eagle66: Are you seriously saying that you cannot do anything that you haven't already been shown how to do via a tutorial? You seem almost upset because a tutorial won't tell you how to proceed through your career. :P

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Hi guys,

I have been browsing the forums for a while but I have never had the chance to post anything. I must say that I am also thrilled with Houdini. I started learning Maya, and of course at the beginning I started with tutorials to get to know the basic principles of VFX. I must agree with most of the people here: if you really need a tutorial to teach you every little detail you have to do to accomplish a certain task, I would direct you to learn 3ds Max, and have fun posting a bunch of videos of something that 100 other people have already done following an A-Z lesson.

I feel Houdini might not be for you. I personally, have no problems adapting concepts taught on other packages to Houdini. Granted, this software is a handful to study, but the possibilities are endless. I plan to continue studying it for the years to come, because everything you do is out in the open, no tools are a black box you can't tweak.

And of course, the core job of a VFX artist is solving problems, to make a specific effect work.

Either way, I wish you the best in your VFX career.


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