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Inverting an edge group selection


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Hi, in the Group Geometry node, I am selecting a group of edges with the "Edge Depth" option in the Edges tab. (Given a point group, it selects all edges of the prims that are adjacent to the points in that point group.) I would like to invert the edge selection (not the prim or point group) then delete all prims adjacent to the edges in that inverted selection. How can I achieve this? The group node is only outputting point or prim selections, but I want the edges. Thanks!

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Thanks, what you have is close, but I don't want any overlapping green edges between the selection and its inverse. Something like the attached images.

I think the difficulty is that the Group node is still doing Point or Prim selection, and not edge selection, so it does not know how to get the exact inverse of edges, which is exactly what I need. Is that even possible?

Happy New Year!



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if you want to use that group to delete primitives, then convert it to primitive group first in edit/convert tab of group SOP, there is an option to include only primitives with all points selected or not depending on your needs

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