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just a vase ...


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I started to do a very simple scene with a very simple light setup. I have avoided gi solution just to learn with point lights and how far I can go to get a realistic/astethic result.


- The base, hmm just a modeled vase

- The background is a simple sphere with a ramp coming from comp

- The ground is a simple circle with a gradient shader so it looks like a spot light coming from above and fades with the background

- The vase shader is tweaked from the default glass material

Now I have two problems:

The vase looks more like a smoky glass rather the a crispy clear glas. My first thought was that maybe it has to do with the light or the intensity but that isn't the problem. I have recreated the scene in another 3d package and havn't the smoky look.

The second problem is when I use an environment reflection map. It doesn't "come" out, means, that I allways get a very hard to see reflection and I couldn' find a "control" for that.



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The first one is with a specular angle of 40 and of course the object reflection on

The second one is with the opacity falloff on but, hmmm looks not right in my opinion if you putz something in

The third one is with a specular angle of 12

The rendering settings are quit with cost of rendering time but even that there is grain noticable in 1 and 3

Overall, what do you think?





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I like the first one of the set best. It has a nice stylized look to it. It is simple enough to use as a prop in a bigger setting yet different enough not to look amateurish or obtrusive.

I also like the first one more even if the third one looks more realistic. So than I have to put something more convincing in the vase as just a bend tube with green on it :-)

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