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Re-create Sci-Fi Art - Strange Encounter

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Hi Guys,

I got interested in Houdini couple of months back, after a friend of mine at work Satish"iluvblender"Goda introduced me to it.

Ever since i am completely blown away by Houdini's approach to everything in the universe.

This challenge has been a great motivation to learn houdini. I am slowly becoming familiar with the interface and work flow and looking forward to learning from you guys.

For the fun and spirit of the challenge, sharing my progress so far along with some screen captures.

Using apprentice ver.10 and rendering allowed max.resolution 720x576 on my ancient machine @ home.

Due to tight schedule of an ongoing project at work,I haven't been able to devote much time to learn texturing,fancy lighting & rendering in detail. Using gimp for post and hope that is allowed.

I am very much excited over exploring wide possibilities in the years to come.

Greeting from India !!

-Gaurav Mathur











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Yeah, nice approach. You got a final result! Me will still fool around with my scene long after the end of the contest. So, good luck with your entry!

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