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Point advection with vel field


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I just watched the gas solver videos on the sidefx site and I'm trying to do something similar. In the sidefx video, he uses a volume created in SOPS to create a custom velocity field in DOPS which is used to advect/ deform some geometry from sops. I want to do something similar, except I want to use a velocity field from a flip fluid sim.

The velocity field looks good when I have the display of the gravity node active, but once I hit the display flag farther down the chain to where I want to advect my geometry, the velocity field stops updating on each frame. It updates on the second frame then stays frozen for the rest of the sim.

Can someone with DOPS knowledge shed some light as to why this is happening? Thank you.


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there is many ways to do this

here are 3 of them

1. use EmbedinFluid tool from the shelf, very easy to advect geometry by volume fluid vel that way

it will create new dop object, fetch vel data from fluid and advect geometry by that data

2. attach bottle geometry directly to your fluid object, but name it differently than Geometry, since that name can be taken, as in your case of flip fluid, Geometry data is already there so name yours bottleGeometry or something

then connect gas advect to post solve of fluid solver

3. the most commonly used way to advect geometry is through AdvectByVolumes POP, since it doesn't need to recompute your DOP simulation when you change geometry you are advecting

see the hip file with all 3 methods

for 1. and 2. dive inside DOP network

for 3. inside corresponding SOP network


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