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Paticle instances as cloth


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I have a simple particle simulation where I am shooting some few particles that fall on the ground colliding, sliding and sticking to it, and I also copy grids to it.

How can I make those grid instances behave like a cloth but still follow my primary simulation as a goal, I would like also to control how strong they follow my goals.

I got to make some simulations with objects that doesn't change at frame step but with particle instances I have no success.

Any ideas?


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Lots of ideas. Lots.

- old school fake it by copying grids to the particles that have rotates built properly. See Peter Quint Vimeo movie on how to rotate particles that have leaf geometry copied to them. Based on the velocity of the particles, apply noise to simulate deforming blowing paper. Use Curl Noise as your deformer.

- Take your particle simulation and shove it in to a Flip solver. Grab the resultant velocity fields from the flip simulation and use these in a custom VOP SOP to add field noise to your copied grids to bend and fold. Use some sort of a deform weight map so the center of the paper doesn't bend but the further you go out, the more the points are affected by the velocity field.

- Take the particles and pass them through a smoke container to modify the velocity field. Then use this velocity field to advect the grids in a POP Network as softbodies using the Advect By Volume POP. The grids should be sucked along by the velocity field if the particles were boxes a bit smaller than your grids. You could also use these velocity fields as a way to add deformations to your grids.

- Literally copy the geometry to your particles then using the wire object tool, turn them in to a wire simulation. Use either gluetoanimation or pintoanimation applied to the geometry that you copy to the points to tug the copies along in the simulation.

That's just putting a few seconds in to it.

Attached is a quicky 2 minute test of the last option.


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