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Please help with OGL texture layers


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Hi All,

I'm new to Houdini so would appreciate any help I can get. I've run into a problem where my OGL texture layer does not seem to update in the viewport.

I have created a custom surface shader where I am switching between different texture maps. Whenever I channel reference the texture map parameter to the OGL texture layer the texture does not show in the viewport (however it does render correctly). I need to be able to see the texture in the viewport so that I can better animate when to switch between them, rather than having to use the render view all of the time. I would be extremely grateful if you could help, and let me know if you need anymore information from me. I'm using Hou 11.


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Here is another thread

Texture Reload

Quick keys for my regular use lately, I Ctrl+B to expand another window and hide the viewport, Alt+M for the cache manager and clear it, and Ctrl+B to close down the viewport.

Also you can use a low level ogl replacement texture like a .jpg just for viewing.

The simplest answer is to render out both versions of the element, and let the compositor deal with it.

Or further hope sidefx develops their OGL better so it doesn't stick as much.

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