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flip fluid coordinate system


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Evening all!

Can anyone shed any light on the coordinate system for flip fluids.

I'm trying to make a river and I was wondering if I can use it to create a set of uvs in order to add extra displacement that flows with the river. All rendering shenanigans are happening outside of houdini/mantra so I'm guessing uvs would be the best way to get any info across.

Anyone had any experience with this sort of thing?


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Hi Simon, long time no see :).

hmm, this sounds very similar to what they did for the lava in Lord of the Rings, I believe they were using realflow though. It is a type of texture bombing. You might get some more info out of Georg (rdg)'s "a shader a day" thread.

I think the heavy smoke effects tool does this coordinate transformation in the noise for the metaballs. But this happens in the shader. I think storing that information in the uv is not enough. That way I think you would only capture the translation of points. They would most likely need an orientation too.

Imagine that each particle is a sphere (with a checkerboard pattern on it). That sphere can move, as well as rotate. This means that you will have to export the position as well as the orientation. In regards to textures I think the shader will have to do some type of metaball blending. If you are dealing with an exported mesh I guess you could attribute transfer, but it will never be as accurate as doing it on the shader level.

I have not done this kind of stuff with fluids and displacement. I've got a feeling it might look a little weird... because the displacement will "stick" to the particles. Maybe projections with masked animated displacement maps are a better option.

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hey peter, yep has been a little while:) hope all's good...and cheers for the info!

It does seem a bit of a tricky one, but yep with some animated textures and lots of cheating I think we can get something that works enough to give us the most for the least!

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I'm digging up this thread because I'm currently trying to do something similar. My problem is that although I have set up the FLIP fluid object to create a coordinate system, I can't find the corresponding attributes for the two coordinate systems and their transition state in the DOP import. All other attributes are there. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

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