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Animating using Blendshapes

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I have a geometry node. Inside the geometry node, I have a box node, an edit node, and a blendshape node. The box node has the original properties of the shape. The edit node has the information of the new shape of the box. Both box and edit nodes are then fed to the blendshape node. This blendshape node provides me a slider that allows me to choose which shape between the two would be displayed on the screen.

Now, my question is, how do I animate this? Let's say, on frame 1 I want the blendshape node to output the original box shape. Then on frame 25, I want the blendshape node to output the edited shape?

Help anyone?

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You can keyframe and animate any parameter in Houdini just as you would at object level in any other package.

The problem is that the blendshape node is "geometry level" as opposed to "object level." Hence, when the object is selected, the slider is not listed as one of the keyable parameter.

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you can always promote any parameter to the object level and set it to auto scoped to show in channel editor automatically

1. it your character is digital asset, then use Type Properties... dialog to promote the parameter

2. if not, use Gear Menu/Edit Parameter Interface on your object or of the subnet containing object with your blendshapes to promote that parameter

3. or you can create custom parameter anywhere you want and then reference it to your blendshape parameter

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