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POP "ruleTokens"

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In the Group POP section of help docs it says that user can copy "POPKillRules" file from $HFS/houdini directory in to $HOME/houdini6.1 directory

and than create and add his own predefined rules to that file so the next time Group POP is used, these rules would appear in the dropdown on the "Create" tab of the POP.

In that file mentioned, that rule formatting should look like this:

<ruleToken> <ruleLabelInDoubleQuotes><ruleStringInDoubleQuotes>

Now. While the second and the third parts of this definition is selfexplanatory, the first one is totally opaque to me!

What the heck is this "ruleToken"?

Where do I get it from? Should I come up with something of my own or there is some set of "ruleTokens"

to which I'm bound to stick?

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holy crap, nice find Stremik!

Ok, I think the file for grouping is actually POPGroupRules, not POPKillRules (those're for the kill pop).

I just added this line to my file:

boooya "Randomly select half the particles" "rand($ID) > 0.5"

and it worked just fine. I think that the token can be any one unique word, and is probably just something it uses to flag down the parameters.



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Thanks for clarifying this thing for me Jens.

I don't understand, why am I so shy to try things out for myself :huh:

BTW. Thanks to admin/mod for moving this post to appropriate forum.

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