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Delayed Load Question


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Hi All,

I was wondering if it is possible to use the delayed load process for an object that has multiple materials. I have a tree that I have written out to disk (trunk and leaves together). That tree has a bark material and a leaves material applied to it. I append the delayed load node in the shader for both trees and leaves but then how do you apply it? The way I was taught was that you have an empty geometry node and apply the material in the materials tab but how would you separate out the groups of leaves and trees?

The reason why I do not separate the leaves and tree into separate bgeos is because I need to copy the entire tree to points, and object merge does not like subnets.

So if you have any thoughts as to how to use delayed load with an object that has multiple materials applied to it or if there's a way to get around the object merge and subnet issue, then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advanced for your time and help!

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Hey thanks! That works amazingly well and fast!

One more question though, I have glass bulbs on the tree and the glass seems to lose its transparency when I bring it back in using the delayed load - you can't see through it anymore. Is there something I need to to do so that the glass does not lose it's transparency when I bring back?

Thanks in advanced for your help and time!

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