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how change a parameter from an other parameter?


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hello all,

I learn again python on Houdini.. my knowledge in python are enough limited..

i search how i can change a parameter value if i'm in a other parameter..

i explain me:

if i'm into "ty" parameter of my object and i say:

if ch("tx") >= 10:



f ch("tx") >= 10:

ch("tx") = 11

there is no change..

i tried all i can imagine... but i can't find The solution..

i think that i must learn "logic" of python into Houdini..


Please, someone can say me how i must write my code for change my parameter from an other parameter

and, there is a tutorial other that HOM docs from Houdini?

HOM docs is not for begginer like me!

Sorry for my english..

Thank you for your help

Best regard

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The hou.ch() is a HOM alias to hou.Parm.evalParm() and is equivalent to the regular hscript expression function ch(). It returns a value. Your conditional statement is okay but your attempts to set the channel are wrong. To change a parameter you need to do something like this:


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