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Difference between ray sop and a creep sop


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Hey hi,

After going through sidefx tutorials and other training dvds,I came up with a doubt of raysop and a creep sop and a project-profile?

are they same or different?Please explain me.Thanks

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The ray sop shoots rays to a surface an displaces along them. The creep sop changes the coordinate system. The latter only works on NURBS surfaces.

my doubt is,can the creep sop also be used to project something to other surface like the ray or a project profile?

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I usually stay clear of the creep sop. It only works with NURBS, and I guess if it is a complex shape it will fail or produce weird results at edges where the uv's change drastically. It is also somewhat hard to predict.

Nevertheless it can be useful in some cases. If it works it is quite stable though.

Anyway, that's my limited experience. Perhaps somebody has used it for complex tasks and found it indispensable. I'm sure it is there for a reason!

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