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python lib in houdini 11 mac os x

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Hey gang,

Long time subscriber not so often poster (stupid maya) but.. i was trying to get Houdini 11 running on my mac at home and ran into a snag.

It launches fine if I double click the app.icon. However when I try to run it from the command line terminal it doesn't like my Python install.

i'm old school enough to have a setup script to set all the right environment variables and it modifies the ${PATH} as well. that setup script was working fine for me in 9 and 10 and i could easily flip versions quickly if I needed to.. so I'm pretty sure it has to be something else.

I did install the "mac" python version for 2.6 and 2.5 from python.org

and I didn't work.

So i went to hconfig -H and found some options.




and on linux there is one for


which seemed like a golden star to be used... but alas it didn't help. None of them worked and I followed the instructions :)

I'm at work at the moment so i couldn't tell you off hand what the error was but it was something that end in lib

I found through some connections (thanks graham!) that I should try to use the python that comes with HOUDINI so $HFS/python

but that didn't work. I don't see a HOUDINI_USE_HFS_PYTHON in my mac install so that is no help.

I'm starting to think i need to upgrad to something newer than my OS of 10.5.8... but you got me.

Funny thing is I thought for sure that Houdini 11 used 2.6, but when the app.icon opens houdini and I go to the Python sell it says 2.5.1..... odd?

I'm geeky enough to want to use the terminal and not "double click" ....suggestions?

thanks in advance... and I'll update with the errors i get when I get back to my laptop.


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thanks for reading along :)

I went and messed with some of the links so /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin.....

Then i went and reinstalled the app.

Seems to be working now I'm not sure what the problem was but I've got my command line launching again.


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