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Programmatically generate HDA`s with python

Johannes Saam

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Hey ,

I am trying to create an hda wih python. Lets say i want to generate an otl that contains a grid node and a parameter that creates its divisions. Clicking that together is easy. How do you aproach creating that in python only save the otl somewhere and install it in the current scene? I found hou.HDADefinition but can not get it to work. Does somebody want to share this?


Thanks Jo

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You'd need to do something like the following:

- Create a grid

- Collapse the grid into a subnet with hou.Node.collapseIntoSubnet()

- Convert the subnet to a digital asset using hou.Node.createDigitalAsset()

- Create a hou.IntParmTemplate to represent your divisions parameter and add it to the digital asset definition using hou.HDADefinition.addParmTuple()

- Link the parameters on the grid to the parameter you just added.

- Save the asset using hou.HDADefinition.updateFromNode()

- Lock the node using hou.Node.matchCurrentDefintion()

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