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Up-Normal-CopySOP strangeness

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I'm trying to rebuild the "Contained Fluid" effected that Andrew Lyons posted on Vimeo:

I think that it can be improved in several places, one of them being an easier zeroing-out of rotations (and perhaps get rid of the copy sop altogether and transform everything directly into the new space, using vopsop multithreading power)

So, I made some new basis vectors basis_x, basis_y, basis_z, and use their attribute names to zero out the rotations.

However, a funny thing happens: The copied animation lags behind the original.

I don't know what is going on there. The directions given by N and UP are not proportional to the copied rotations in a linear way? The start and end positions match, but inbetween they lag.

What's happening?



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just a few things:

1. swap inputs in /obj/tube_object1/BASIS/vopsop2/subtract3

2. in /obj/tube_object1/rename_atts_for_use_in_copysop

set rename: basis_z to N

basis_y to up

be sure to write up in lowercase, you now have UP in upper case so it's not recognized by copy SOP

3. bypass or delete /obj/tube_object1/xform4


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Sometimes those old Houdini things still throw me off. The life attribute in pops is another one of those gotchas that I'd like to throw stones and mud at. :lol:

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