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Shaders and Textures


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Hi guys!

I'm doing a Personal Inquiry on Writing shaders, using VOP's, for my MA.

I have found enough information for my needs (and for the time that I have to complete the task :rolleyes:) but today, as I was organizing the text, I wasn't very happy with the definitions I have on Textures and Shaders... These 2 are almost always side-by-side and are used as if they're the same...

Basically what I have is that a Texture is a map (.jpg or other file format), that gives the appearance or adds some detail to an object, while the shader is a set of instructions (code), that tell the points/vertices of an object how they should behave/interact with light and so on, according to position and other variables... and a shader can have several or none texture maps...

can someone else provide more info or where to look at? Currently I used the Wikipedia (not a very well seen source at University...) and a renderman book...

Thanks in advance!

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