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Kneading dough

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I am doing my final thesis for the school, but I am stuck for the simulation in Dop.

The main idea of my thesis is kneading a jelly like an object and create a sculpture.

I shot a scene and did matchmation of hands.

I used hands as static objects to collide with a sculpture in Dop and used SPH fluid for a sculpture.

It works fine, but interaction doesn't look like kneading something. I changed particle separation, viscosity and elasticity for the jelly like looking. I spent many time to play with values of these setting, but It is really slow to do simulation and some value make the object exploding or too much moving.

Also, for interaction with hands I tried magnetic in Sop, but it was also not realistic.

For the growing shape I used attractor in Pop and connected with Dop. This makes timing problem, too.

The Shape growing time and hands animation doesn't match together.

Does anyone have a good idea for this kind of simulation?

please give me some tips to do this.

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There was an example file of two knifes cutting and kneading dough that is out there. I'm having a blank to where it is right now, but it is pretty similar to what you are doing. If I can find it I'll post it back.

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that example file is part of the fluids masterclass on sidefx website. It is one of the later lessons. Lesson 11 or so.. can't check as their site is offline at the moment. Not sure if that will help you a lot though.

I would try attempt it with goal particles and flip fluids. Have a few different goals objects modeled (as pointclouds) as inbetween stages. Trigger the goals of the particles with the hands as they are nearby. Different goals get triggered at different times. You will have more control this way. Probably more stable as well. Since you are not emitting any new particles, you could filter the motions in chops (filter,lag, spring) as well to get a smoother result.

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Thank you Ben and peter.

I already saw Houdini dough cutter tutorial and tried it before. I am using kind of similar way right now, but It was hard to express realistic result.

I will try goal particles :)

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