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Johannes Saam

The VJ challange

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Hey Guys,

as a bunch of us, I started all this fx business due to an early interest in visualls and Vj`ing. I would love to start a challenge that uses sound inputs, and or peripheral inputs to generate stunning images in near real time. The challenge is to generate trippy, interesting looking images with basic blocks and then change them around to the music. I had the idea when i recently used a track of the best band in the world ( Iron maiden, arguments about this off topic please :) ) to generate a random noise pattern for a shot in one of the movies we are currently woking on. It worked pretty well and i love this gimick.

Nowerdays the world of proccessing and using code to generate images on all levels is pretty advanced so get your party hat on and WOW us with amazing images playing to your favourite track. Extra points of course if it contains maiden :)

Rock on


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