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Houdini Nuclear Explosion

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I'm getting ready for an upcoming houdini based project starting next month.

I need to simulate a nuclear explosion!

But first I need to gather information of what obstacles I'll be facing.

Anyone seen any threads or websites that talk about simulating nuclear explosions in houdini?

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i'm interested about it too.

i've start something with maya's fluid but not in houdini's one.

the major problem is the variation of the sym. create the base of the mushroom and make it grow up is hard

nuclear blast have a very special flow

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Well here is an out of the box pyro sim.

Its certainly not a finished item (its not supposed to be), but it might give you a start at least.

Parameters on the pyrosolver node for the mushroom cloud that are important:

pyrosolver/sources/emitters/fuel amount(dont forget to scope the channel and adjust the curves)

pyrosolver/sources/emitters/noise (great for adding emission turbulence)

pyrosolver/simulation (bouyancy lift for controlling how fast the effect rises)

pyrosolver/simulation/combustion/burn rate, temperature output, gas released (these 3 are very important as to getting the expasion of the head, how long it takes for the temerature to drop, and how much fuel is burnt or isnt).

Its a tweaking game, but you can get good effects without building your own solvers and such.

The floor cursor side is literally a copy and paste of the mushroom cloud, but changed emitters and those same settings above for a totally differnt effect.



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Thanks for your replies everyone.

Although it's my first time experimenting with pyro fx I'll check out the file and see if I can understand it. Thanks for the guidance ragupasta (: and bunker too for the links!

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