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I'm new to houdini and only have been playing for a bit. So this is probably a very simple question to all the experienced houdini users but I've been searching on the net and documentation and can't work out what I'm doing wrong. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

I used a copy node to create multiple geometries and I want to make sure that those geometries do not overlap. So I've created a foreach node within foreach node, and inserted the same geometries in both inputs, so each geometry loops with other geometries and uses cookie only when the FORVALUE1 > FORVALUE2.

It kind of works and when you look at each geometries using delete1, their geometries are modified as expected.

However, when I feed that output into another foreach node for some modification, all geometries disappear but one.

Once that happens, even if I disconnect a new foreach node, the state doesn't change. Only when I disconnect/reconnect the previous node to force recook, it seems to come back to the previous state.

I'm really stumped and can't work out what's happening. I've attached the file that demonstrates my problem.

Any help or insight would be great.



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Haven't looked at the file Alex, but if you have nested loops the stamp variables need to be named differently. Could that be the problem?

Thank you for the reply.

stamp values are different FORVALUE1, FORVALUE2.

I also tried creating different primitive values, or duplicating the graph network but to it didn't help.

The strange thing is that it works until you attach another foreach node below it then it starts behaving not as I expected. Once that happens, even if you disconnect that node. I'm still having the same problem. It's not until you disconnect/reconnect the node above to refresh that it works again.

I'm sorry if this sounds confusing. It's tricky to explain.

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